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Term Limit Congress
Start Solving Our Real Problems

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Why I'm Running for Congress

A little over 20-years ago when President Clinton left office, our country was riding high. The world was at peace. New technologies were making us more connected. People seemed to get along. And, our nation was in the midst of generating its fourth consecutive budget surplus. In fact, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan reported to Congress that all the country’s reducible national debt would be paid down by 2006! Sounds like fairy tale to most of us now.     


In the last couple decades, we’ve lost our way as a nation fiscally. Congress kneecapped our revenues with three massive tax cuts—savings that mostly benefitted our highest income citizens (including me).  Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq added trillions more debt. Blowout COVID spending was the icing on the cake—leaving us nearly $34 trillion in hock. That is why inflation is hurting so many Americans.

No doubt, each president has had a role in this mess. But the real culprits driving your pain are the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate . . . our Congress. The government branch that determines how we spend money. We need to send them packing. We must term-limit Congress.


Regular people often see eye-to-eye on many things—including the need for term limits . . . with 76% of Dems, 89% of GOP members and 83% of independents wanting to term-limit Congress.


That is why I’m seeking the open seat for U.S. Congress in Indiana’s 5th District.  I’m running for the Republican nomination on a platform to term-limit Congress, and then, solve our real problems.


I’ll be releasing videos that describe my views more fully—and how real people in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District feel about issues. Please consider getting involved in the campaign. To the extent you can, your financial contribution will certainly advance the campaign’s success.




Patrick Malayter, CPA

November 2023       

A Bit About Myself

I was born in Gary, Indiana and spent the first 15 years of my life there. We lived roughly a mile from the U.S. Steel mill. It was a blue collar, ethnically diverse neighborhood. In retrospect, my neighbors were some of the most authentic and solid folks I have ever known.


I went to Andrean, a Catholic high school in Merrillville. My main interests during that era included football, rock music and weightlifting. I was a good-enough football player to receive AP Honorable-mention All-state recognition, but not good-enough to attract much D-1 interest.

After high school, I attended Indiana University, Bloomington where I received an accounting degree with distinction. Concurrent with graduation, I sat for and passed the CPA exam. That was a busy summer, as my high school sweetheart Ellen and I were married too. We then moved to Central Illinois to start our careers.

I began my career with the CPA firm KPMG, where I became an equity partner at age 33.  Through a series of sales/mergers, I ultimately landed at the accounting firm BKD, LLP (now Forvis), where I was their National Partner in Charge of Taxation.  Since then, I authored a book titled "50 Shades of Sales" and have performed select consulting services. 

Ellen and I have been a couple for 50 years and married for 45 of them.  She is the best woman on planet earth! We have five children, all millennials and Gen Z. We also are blessed to have three grandchildren.

Like you, I'm concerned about how the tough economy is hurting people of all ages. Further, if you love your children as much as I do mine, you know we need to fix this national debt mess.  It's truly unfair to pass this issue on to our younger generations. We've got some other real problems that need solving too.  I'm confident we can get that accomplished as long as we are willing to work together!


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