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Term Limit Congress
Start Solving Our Real Problems

Below are the key issues I will tackle.

Term Limit

Term Limit Congress –
Maximum 8-year Lifetime Service

  • 4-terms in House or 1-term each in House and Senate

  • "Convention of 34 States" required to term-limit Congress with 38 state ratification of Amendment.

  • Congress cannot term-limit themselves.

  • Ban post-Congress lobbying for 10-years.

  • This plank is the most important law change needed.

Higher Edu

Higher Education Loan Reform –
Create “New” Education Alternative

  • End Obama-era DOE student direct lending program - require private sector, state governments and/or endowments to fund college loans.

  • Levy one-time excise tax on certain private college endowment "excessive accumulations" – providing seed capital to start multi-state regional online colleges.

  • Lower undergraduate costs by using existing community college infrastructures - online teaching.

  • College not free – students should have a financial investment in their future.

Publi Safety

Legal Reform to Improve
Public Safety and Media Integrity 

  • Remove “malice” requirement for public figures to sue for defamation.

  • Allow cancel culture victims to jointly sue “bullying groups” for damages.

  • Enable citizens to receive compensation for prosecutor negligence caused by “revolving door” offenders.

  • Permit censored/de-amplified content creators to sue tech firms collaborating with public officials to limit discourse.

Tax Loops

Eliminate Tax Loopholes
and Abusive Gimmicks

  • No changes to tax rates or typical individual deductions.

  • The list of these "gimmicks" is very long.

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